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Embassy Event

US Specialist Speaks about the Library Use of E-books

April 19-22, 2011
Sue Polanka

Sue Polanka

The U.S. Embassy sponsored the visit of Sue Polanka, Head of Reference and Instruction at   Wright State University Libraries in Dayton, Ohio. Ms. Polanka visited Argentina to participate in the Argentine Library Association (ABGRA) Annual Meeting, from April 19-22.

ABGRA conference held at the International Book Fair is one of the most important meetings of librarians from Latin America gathering more than 700 professionals from Argentina and other Latin American countries every year. On Tuesday April 19, Ms. Polanka spoke at the International Book Fair in La Rural about the library use of e-books —also called “electronic books”— in the United States.

As part of her visit, Ms. Polanka gave a presentation for students and professors at the librarian career at the Faculty of Arts, University of Buenos Aires.

Ms. Polanka is the moderator of the blog No Shelf Required®. NSR focuses on the issues surrounding e-books for librarians and publishers who have received the prestigious Salem Press Library Blog Award. 

Ms. Polanka has been a member of Booklist Reference Books Bulletin editorial board for more than 10 years and presided over from 2007 to 2010. Her column on electronic references, Off The Shelf, appears in Booklist quarterly. Ms. Polanka was recently named a Mover and Shaker 2011 by Library Journal.