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Embassy Information

Community of USG Alumni of Argentina

The US Embassy in Argentina and the Office of Alumni Affairs of the State Department seek to bring former exchange participants together into a space where they can network with other alumni, engage in community service projects, support and mentor future generations, and reach out to inspire and recruit new exchange participants.


This new initiative seeks to serve all the USG Alumni in Argentina by developing relationships and fostering lifelong connections between USG sponsored program alumni.


Create a way to foster lifelong connections between Alumni and serve as a bridge between the U.S. mission in Argentina and the Argentinean society.


  • Bring alumni together and promote networking. 
  • Provide networking spaces for alumni to interact with each
    other, with the U.S. Embassy in Argentina and with the Department of State in Washington. 
  • Reacquaint alumni with the many services that the Embassy and the Department of State offer to keep their exchange experience growing. 
  • Maintain accurate membership and biographical records of
    alumni of the Embassy and the Department of State.