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  • Seth McBride and Kelly Schwan at the Embassy (Photo: Dept. of State)

    The “Ambassadors for Change” Award

    Seth McBride and Kelly Schwan received the award today for their work in the international promotion of inclusion for disabled persons in sports -- transcending linguistic, cultural and social barriers...

  • Kevin K. Sullivan, Chargé d'Affaires (a.i.) (photo: Dept. of State)

    Multisectoral breakfast at CEA

    Chargé d'Affaires Kevin K. Sullivan was invited to participate in one of Fundación Centro de Estudios Americanos (CEA) regular series of monthly meetings, as part of their activities of their Permanent Seminar on National and International Issues...

  • Randall Martinez, a debate coach from the University of Miami

    Specialist in debate competitions in Argentina

    Randall Martinez, a debate coach at the University of Miami, will visit Argentina from August 11th to 15th for a series of presentations about debate competitions in schools and universities...


  • Obama on Recent Developments in Iraq

    THE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. I wanted to provide an update on recent developments in Iraq, including some important steps forward as Iraqis form a new government...


  • What is the Opportunity Program?
    What is the Opportunity Program?

    Opportunity supports academically talented students with limited economic resources to apply to universities in the U.S. Opportunity pays for the costs associated with applying: Standardized testing (TOEFL, SAT), translation, application fees, transportation costs and visa fees... Apply here! »

  • Agricultural Counselor and her team visited Cabaña Nuevo Milenium and animal cloning laboratory “Germinal Biotech” (Photo: Dept. of State)
    Visit to Cabaña Nuevo Milenium

    Agricultural Counselor and her team visited Cabaña Nuevo Milenium and animal cloning laboratory “Germinal Biotech”, which has implemented a unique productive system in Argentina... 

  • EL Fellow Verillaud at SHARE 2014 (Photo: Dept. of State)
    English Language Fellow, Mathilde Verillaud, participated in the SHARE Convention for ELF teachers

    The current EL Fellow, Ms. Verillaud, participated in the 9th annual SHARE Convention, held in Buenos Aires on July 31 and August 1, 2014. Ms. Mathilde Verillaud gave a semi-plenary session on “Selfies: a Fast Track to Boost Students’ Motivation” which was attended by over 350 EFL teachers and advanced students... 

  • Chargé d’ Affaires Kevin Sullivan with search and rescue experts from Mendoza, Antonio Ibaceta and Héctor Alfredo Alcano. (Photo: Dept. of State)
    Rescue Workers from Mendoza Receive Training in the U.S.

    The Head and the Principal Officer of Mendoza Police Patrol Rescue Operations and Mountain Search Unit, Antonio Ibaceta and Hector Alfredo Alcano will travel tomorrow to the United States to participate in the National/State Parks Mountain Search... 

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